CYFSA -- A Nonprofit Organization -- Supporting Youth and their Families
Charity Youth Family Services Agency (CYFSA)

Charity Youth Family Services Agency (CYFSA) is a nonprofit agency that provides services directly to high-risk youth from urban low-income communities.

CYFSA incorporates elements of the Positive Youth Development, or PYD, approach into its services. PYD suggests that the best way to prevent risky behavior is to help young people achieve their full potential. Our youth development strategies focus on giving young people the chance to exercise leadership, build skills and become involved in their communities.

CYFSA services promote physical and emotional safety, give youth a sense of belonging and control to improve their self-worth, allow them to discover their self identity, encourage high quality and supportive relationships with peers and adults, enable the development of new skills and foster hope for the future.

Charity Youth Family Services Agency (CYFSA) street outreach services help young people get off the streets. Our counselors build reliable relationships with runaway, homeless and street youth and provide services that aim to move youth into stable housing and prepare them for independence. CYFSA promotes safety, stability and well-being for youth who are high-risk or have experienced violence, neglect or trauma.

CYFSA provides youth and family counseling services, street-based outreach, emergency shelter information and referrals, survival aid, crisis intervention, follow-up support, community services and prevention education to high-risk youth from urban low-income communities.